Raw yarns

Our standard range

We offer you all types of raw and dyed industrial yarns:

Spun Yarns Filament yarns
Cotton Polyester
Viscose Polyamide
Polyester Viscose
Polyacrylics Spandex
Blended Yarns PVA

Our special yarns

  • Innovative yarns made from renewable raw materials, e.g. bamboo yarns
  • Yarns made from recycled materials
  • Flame-retardant yarns
  • Functional yarns

Further yarns available upon request – please ask us!

We supply the following production stages

Weaving Covered yarn production
Circular knitting Core yarn production
Flat knitting Yarn dyeing
Warp knitting Automotive production
Twisting Other yarn processing units

Our yarns can be found in the following products

Home textiles e.g. Towels, bed linen, table linen, garments
Technical textiles e.g. Automotive, awnings, abrasives
Food products e.g. Tea bags, sausage yarn
Hygiene products e.g. Tampon threads, bandages

Make your individual color selection

The yarns are dyed in the colors of your choice.
We are happy to advise you.
Please contact us.